Texas History 

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Title Description New Price
My Texas Published by "My State"
Fictional newspaper bases complete Texas history curriculum. Recommended for middle school
Teachers Manual Explains in more depth specific issues and contains maps and other supplements 45.00
Student Pack Contains all the newspapers 13.50
Traveling the Texas God Created By Dana Buckley. Written from a Biblical perspective.
Explores Texas history through focusing around Texas landmarks
Recommended for 4th graders
Reader The student book. 19.95
Teachers Edition Follows the reader and has extra questions, learning objectives, vocabulary, and other supplements. Also has the appendix on a CD-Rom. 34.95
The Texas God Created By Dana Buckley. Written from a Biblical perspective.
Explores Texas history and is more textbook like than "Traveling the Texas God Created".
Recommended for 7th graders
Textbook and supplement Contains 18 lessons starting with Spain and ending in the 20th Century. 25.80
Supplement The supplement contains project ideas, answer key, and maps.  
Switched On Schoolhouse Texas History Publisher: Alpha Omega
A semester course as a computer program designed for 7th grade and up.
God and Texas By Jan Payne Pierce. Published by TCW press. Written from a Biblical perspective.
Both a reader and coloring book designed for lower elementary.
Reader and CD The CD contains an additional 187 pages of content and supplements. 18.95
Hendrick Long Publishers http://hendricklongpublishing.com/aboutUs.php  
A Gentle Tour Through Texas History A literature based unit study that Is designed for elementary grades.  Also has weblinks and tours. 13.45
Johnny Texas A book that follows a young boy on his journey in Texas during the early republic 14.40
-Teacher Resource Guide Contains student activity pages and other supplements 12.55
Johnny Texas on the San Antonio Road The sequel, follows Johnny Texas as he travels the San Antonio road 14.40
-Teacher Resource Guide Contains student activity pages and other supplements12.55
Lets Remember A coloring book series of Texas  
-Indians of Texas   8.10
-When Texas Belonged to Spain   8.10
-When Texas Belonged to Mexico   8.10
-When Texas was a Republic   8.10
-Texas, The 28th State   8.10
Texas Brain Twisters Critical thinking questions about Texas 9.90
Texas in Historic Sites and Symbols The symbols and sites of Texas 8.05
Texas History Timeline A coloring and activity book about Texas 13.50
Father Miguel Hidalgo, a Cry for Freedom A coloring book 3.55
Focus On Texas Reproducible maps and activities 9.85
Map Skills Map skills based on Texas history and geography. Also Reproducible 9.85
Flags In the history of Texas A coloring book explaining the many different flags in Texas history 9.90
The Native Americans of Texas A reader that explains the different tribes of Texas 14.40
-Student Edition A workbook supplement 9.85
Stephen F. Austin, Wilderness Pioneer A book that follows the life of Stephen F Austin 14.35
Race to Velasco About the battle at the Fort of Velasco  
Blind Bess, Buddy, and Me (hardback) The great depression in Texas through the life of a young boy 11.70
Explorers in Early Texas About the lives and explorations of explorers in early Texas 12.55
Cowboy Stories from East Texas Eight exciting stories about East Texas 9.90
Davy's Dawg Davy Crocket as told by his dog 5.35
One of Fannin's Men About a survivor of Goliad 7.15
Mike's Oil Patch About the oil industry in Texas 5.95
Lets Celebrate Texas Activities and games about Texas 17.10
Indians Who Lived in Texas About the daily lives of Indians in Texas 14.35
The Great Texas Scare A story of the Runaway Scrape 9.90
The Mystery of Y'Barbo's Tunnel A adventure based in Nacogdoches 11.65
The Ghost at the Old Stone Fort A adventure based in Nacogdoches 9.90
Moses Austin and Stephen F Austin A Gone-to-Texas Dual Biography 17.05
Fredrick Remington Artist of the West A picture biography 13.50
Twenty Texans Historic lives for young readers 12.60
Wilderness Walkers Naturalists in early Texas 8.05
Terror From the Gulf A Hurricane in Galveston 16.15
Sam Houston, American Hero By Crawford and Warren 12.55
True Tales of Texans By Cox 17.05
A Little Taste of Texas part 1 By Grace Sampler 11.70
A Little Taste of Texas part 2 By Grace Sampler 11.70
Misc books    
Cowboys of the Wild West By Russell Freedman, Published by Houghton Mifflin
Learn about the daily life of cowboys in the wild west
Texas A early reader about Texas 5.30
Winnies War (hardback) By Jenny Moss, about the Spanish influenzia 15.30
Jesse Chisholm By, Ralph Cushman, about the influential Texas figure Jesse Chisholm 16.15
Make Way for Sam Houston By Jean Fritz 5.40
Galveston's Summer of the Storm By Julie Lake 10.75
Learn About Texas Freshwater Fishes A black and white guide/coloring book to Texas fish 8.95
Texas Rangers, Legendary Lawmen (HB) By Spradlin and Munri 15.25
Working Cotton By Williams and Byard 15.30
Dinah Zikes Big Book of Texas History  By Dinah Zike 19.95
Pecos Bill By Steven Kellog 5.00
The Alamo, an Illustrated History By Nelson, a Photo book of the history of the Alamo 17.95
Susanna of the Alamo by Jakes and Bacon 7.20
The Boy in the Alamo By Margaret Cousins 17.95
The Story Of Texas By Weems, A beautifully illustrated book about Texas History 9.85
On to the Alamo By Richard Smith 11.70
Travel Fever, The life of a Texas Cowboy By D.J Lightfoot 11.65
-Teachers Guide By Pat Miller 9.85
Know Your Texas History A Digest of Texas History from 1820-1946, By Flossie Keels 14.95
Daniel Boone: Trailblazer By Nancy Allen 14.35
Texas Geography Activities and maps about Texas 8.05
Lone Star Time Machines Game and activity workbook for Texas history students 9.85
The San Antonio Missions A reader and workbook 11.70
The Story of Texas A History Picture Book by Warren and Ingerson 6.25
Davy Crocket, An American Hero By Tom Townsend, an action oriented biography 12.55
God and Texas Hero Series    
Davy Crocket By Linda Odom 6.95
Z. N. Morrell By Steele and Pierce 6.95
Sam Houston By Jan Pierce 6.95
Thomas J Rusk By James Carlson 6.95
Lorenzo De Zavala By Frances Gilmore 6.95